Vmware horizon failed to connect to the connection server

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Documentation for VMware Horizon 7 version 7. This problem usually occurs if you are accessing Connection Server with a different hostname than it is expecting and is as a result of the "origin checking" feature. This may be the case if you are connecting via Unified Access Gateway formerly Access Point or through a load balancer etc.

You can check if this is the case by looking in the debug log file on Connection Server. Search the log file for "Unexpected Origin". If you see an entry similar to this, then that will be the problem. You can easily resolve this by adding a line in the locked. From the error message above, I could add:. The name used here is the same hostname as seen in the error message. There are also options to specify multiple hostnames.

Once you've changed locked.

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You can find more information about this in the Origin Checking section of the documentation here - Documentation for VMware Horizon 7 version 7. But, in my case I have no problem only with Safari The main question is - why the issue is so depends on which type of brouser you use?

If i have wrong type of settings - why everything is working via Safari, but nothing works via anothers? Hi markbenson ,Thank you for your reply. The login form now is appeared in the login page but with 4 console errors beneath, other browsers don't have these errors. When I logged in and click an app, the app doesn't run or appear, it just a empty page and still has the 4 console errors above.

I realy can't understand it!!! Can someone please explain it? With the security protection of origin checking, when Chrome and Safari connect they do insert the origin header and therefore when Connection Server is incorrectly configured, it will fail.

IE and Firefox only work because they do not insert the origin request header. With developer tools network trace on the browser, you can see the request headers and look for "origin".

It does also depend on browser versions as well as browser types as to whether they use the origin request header. You can easily identify if this is your problem by looking at the debug log file on Connection Server. If you see a message like:. When you correct the locked. So why is just Safari?

Thanks for reply, but I already added a line at the end of locked. This solved the issue for me. So the odd thing on mine is, that I have both added the external URL to the files on both connection servers which my UAG appliances connect to, and to test turned off origin checking.

I am still getting this issue. When I review the logs, the unexpected origin error is there, but it is with the same external URL that I have added to the locked. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled.Recently, VMware released Horizon 7. Check out the details of the new VMware Horizon 7. In this post, we will take a look at the installing VMware Horizon 7.

It is really getting fully featured at this point and is getting closer and closer to the old Horizon Administrator tool.

Host connection failure, but all the vm are ok |VMware Communities

There are a handful of requirements for VMware Horizon 7. The following are the hardware requirements listed by VMware for installing Horizon 7. These requirements also apply to replica and security server Horizon Connection Server instances that you install for high availability or external access. It is great to see Windows Server in the list and is the platform I will be installing the Connection Server on. You can use this link to automatically take a look at the compatibility between VMware Horizon 7.

As far as network connectivity, Horizon requires high speed, high performance LAN connections between the Connection Server instances.

First of all, you will need to pull the download for Horizon Connection Server 7. Below is a screenshot from the VMware Download portal showing the details for Horizon 7. Note the details:. On the installation options screen, you can choose from the type of Horizon 7. Enter the data recovery password for Horizon 7.

This password protects data backups of Horizon 7. This is the password you would use to recover any backups of the Connection Server. You can choose to allow the firewall configuration for Windows to be configured automatically which is recommended. After only a short moment, the Horizon 7. You can view the documentation, etc. Using the new Horizon Console as opposed to the Horizon Administrator is like a breath of fresh air. HTML 5 is certainly the direction moving forward and Flash-based clients are deprecated.

VMware is feverishly working with each Horizon release moving forward to reach feature parity with the new Horizon Console compared to the Horizon Administrator. Horizon 7.

You can do most of the major configuration you would do inside the Horizon Console. Below are a few screenshots of the Horizon Console and various configuration pages found therein.

vmware horizon failed to connect to the connection server

Installing VMware Horizon 7. Nothing has changed here. However, what has changed for the better is more functionality has made its way to the new Horizon Console. It is a game changer and makes administration much simpler and easier. VMware Interoperability between Horizon 7.

VMware Horizon 7. Beginning the VMware Horizon 7. Choose Horizon 7. Configure installation options for Horizon 7. Entering data recovery password details for Horizon 7.In this role, he develops technical deep dives and reference architecture papers for Workspace ONE and Horizon. Some of these exchanges were to help determine the best architecture, some were to understand the traffic flow and network ports, and others were to help in troubleshooting.

I thought it would be worthwhile explaining how this works for internal and external connections, with the aid of some diagrams. First, it is important to understand that when a Horizon Client connects to a Horizon environment, several different protocols are used, and a successful connection consists of two phases.

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Following successful authentication, a connection using one or more secondary protocols is then made to the resource. With an internal connection, in the initial authentication phase, the connection is from the Horizon Client to the Connection Server. The secondary, protocol session then normally connects directly from the Horizon Client to the Horizon Agent. This configuration is less common because the protocol session is then tunneled through the Connection Servers, making it part of the ongoing session.

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When load balancing Connection Servers, typically, only the initial XML-API connection authentication, authorization, and session management needs to be load balanced. Because the secondary protocol connections go directly from the Horizon Client to the Horizon Agent, they are not load balanced.

The initial authentication phase of a connection is from the Horizon Client to a Unified Access Gateway appliance and then to a Connection Server. Ensure that these gateway services are not also enabled on the Connection Server because this would cause a double-hop attempt of the protocol traffic, which is not supported and will result in failed connections. This architecture also allows the same Connection Servers to be used for both external and internal connections.

This allows the UAG to authorize the secondary protocols based on the authenticated user session. If the secondary protocol session is misrouted to a different Unified Access Gateway appliance from the primary protocol one, the session will not be authorized.

The connection would therefore be dropped in the DMZ, and the protocol connection would fail. Misrouting secondary protocol sessions is a common problem if the load balancer is not configured correctly. The load balancer affinity must ensure that XML-API connections made for the whole duration of a session default maximum 10 hours continue to be routed to the same UAG appliance.

Although the secondary protocol session must be routed to the same UAG appliance as was used for the primary XML-API connection, there is a choice of whether the secondary protocol session is routed through the load balancer or not. This normally depends on the capabilities of the load balancer. This has the advantage that there only needs to be a single public IP address.

Where the load balancer does not have this capability, another option is to dedicate additional IP addresses for each UAG appliance so that the secondary protocol session can bypass the load balancer.

vmware horizon failed to connect to the connection server

One consideration is that the browser should trust the SSL certificate presented to it. With an internal connection, where the protocol session is normally direct from the client to the Horizon Agent, the agent side must present a trusted certificate to the browser. This presents some challenges. A relatively new feature on Connection Server helps overcome these constraints and provides a more elegant solution.

This removes the need to change the default way that the Connection Server sends the machine or RDSH server information to the host. It also means that there is no need to manage certificates on the desktop machines and RDSH servers. Now that you understand how a connection is made and how the traffic flows, you might want to look at the network ports that are used.

The Network Ports in VMware Horizon 7 document has this detail, along with diagrams illustrating the traffic. It even has specific sections and diagrams on internal, external, and tunneled connections.

Understanding Horizon Connections

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Understanding Horizon Connections. Primary and Secondary Protocols First, it is important to understand that when a Horizon Client connects to a Horizon environment, several different protocols are used, and a successful connection consists of two phases.This post applies to all VMware Horizon versions 7.

Subsequent Horizon Connection Servers are Replicas. Once Horizon Connection Server is installed, there is no difference between them. Horizon 7. Additional internal Horizon Connection Servers are installed as Replicas. After installation, there is no difference between a Replica server and a Standard server. You can change it so that the Horizon Clients can be downloaded directly from the Horizon Connection Server. X — Branding the Logon page details how to brand the Horizon 7.

Changing the Horizon Administrator timeout will not affect the Horizon Console timeout. You can use adsiedit. Run the following command to enable the timing profiler on each Connection Server instance to view logon segments. This is a web-based tool that adds the following functionality:. The Fling website has a PDF that explains how to also store them on a file share. Inside each session log file are logon time statistics.

We recently setup a new environment with two connection servers. Triple checked and the cert does have the private key as well as it being exportable.

VMware Horizon 7.12 Connection Server

We are confused as to why this one is happening on this server but not the other. Any help would be appreciated. Hi Carl, Is there a way to get the list of horizon client versions used by the users. I know that we can see it in new html5 admin console but I am looking for list of users so looking them individually wont work.

I tried vrops 8 too but I could find a way to get it. Please help. I wanted to upgrade the environment — switchting to UAG Server 3. If your pools are non-persistent, then you can use your existing masters to rebuild the pools in the new environment. Or create new masters with new OS version. For existing persistent, Full Clone machines, you can add them to a Manual pool on the new environment. If they are linked clones, then you might have to convert them to Full Clones first by cloning each one.

I have recently installed a Horizon 7. Every time I try to get a machine added to a manual desktop pool, it usually takes about a minute before the status reflects with an Error state in the web portal.

Looking in the log file, I see a debug message with following:. I exported the self-signed cert from VCenter and added it as a trusted root for my Horizon server but still run into the same issue. Do you have an internal Certificate Authority that all machines can access? This error looks like a problem with the Connection Serer certificate. Hi Carl, Great post! I seem to be unable to log into the Horizon Console after a fresh install. I tried with both domain controller and local users.

Neither seems to work.I am using "Vmware view 4. I am able to connect in office networks. From my home, it is not working I am using Airtel connection. I had checked in my friend's Airtel Internet connection and facing the same issue. But it works in "YouTelecom" internet connection. This problem comes only when I use the Airtel broadband internet connection. When I contacted Airtel customer case they told me that, from their end they are not blocking any ports.

I am using Windows 7 and this is my office laptop I can't disable the antivirus. Check the following ports are open to the security server from your client machine which have View Client installed. Also, I am facing this problem only in the Airtel broadband connection. In other networks, it is working.

If I ask Airtel and the response is, No ports are blocked from their end. I resolved the problem. The DNS server option was initially set to manual.

Now after changing the DNS server option to manual and set the Ip adrress, it works fine. Can you please help me on this issue; I am also facing the same issue when I try connect VMware machine from my Airtel datacard. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled.

vmware horizon failed to connect to the connection server

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I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0.Sometimes is the first server, sometimes the second and sometimes both.

vmware horizon failed to connect to the connection server

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Horizon connection server Configuration

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Enable All Save Settings.Server certificate checking occurs for connections between Horizon Client and a server. A certificate is a digital form of identification, similar to a passport or a driver's license.

Your system administrator might ask you to set the certificate checking mode in Horizon Client to make sure that you can successfully connect to a server. At some companies, an administrator might set the certificate checking mode and prevent you from changing it in Horizon Client. If you receive a certificate error after setting the certificate checking mode, contact your system administrator. This setting allows certificate checking for remote desktop and published application connections through an SSL proxy server.

You cannot enable this setting if you select Do not verify server identity certificates. This setting means that you cannot connect to the server if any of the certificate checks fail. An error message lists the checks that failed. This setting means that you can click Continue to ignore the warning if a certificate check fails because the server uses a self-signed certificate. For self-signed certificates, the certificate name is not required to match the server name that you entered in Horizon Client.

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You can also receive a warning if the certificate has expired. This setting means that no certificate checking occurs.

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